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Our school functions as a professional learning community and is always characterized by a collaborative culture.  Teacher isolation is replaced with collaborative processes that are deeply embedded into the daily life of our school.  "Members of a Professional Learning Community are not invited to work with colleagues:  They are called upon to be contributing members of a collaborative effort to improve the school's capacity to help all students learn at high levels."

Staff listing

Parents are often discouraged when they attempt to communicate with central office administrators and are sent back to building-based officials in order to resolve a problem their child may be experiencing in school. To prevent that frustration, parents can become informed about the "Chain of Communication", or where to begin the communication sequence regarding their child's problem.

Many parental questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken with appeals moving on to the next level on the chain of command. The easiest way to communicate would be by email.

To email a staff member, click on the envelope icon located to the left of their name.  This will prompt your computer to create a new message (depending on your computer settings/preference).  Clicking on the staff member's name will take you to their webpage.  Email Principal  Rossiter by clicking here.

Certificated Staff
Taylor Berg (760) 331-5914 2nd grade • Room 14
Denise Connelly (760) 331-5910 Kindergarten • Room K-1
Dawn Ebbs (760) 331-5920 Kindergarten • Room 20
Wendy Eidle (760) 331-5921 Kindergarten • Room 21
Caitlin Flores (760) 331-5952 Kindergarten • Room K2
Heather Goetz (760) 331-5931 4th grade • Room 31
Lindsey Gordon (760) 331-5930 3rd grade • Room 30
Angelie Harnish (760) 331-5933 3rd grade
Madison Hays 1st Grade - room 5
Christine Wolfson • Kelly Szabo • (760) 331-5916 5th grade • Room 16
Kris Hejny Kelly Szabo (760) 331-5918 4th grade • Room 18
Nicole Kistler (760) 331-5934 4th grade • Room 34
Michelle Koopsen (760) 331-5910 2nd grade • Room 10
Cheryl Lawrence (760) 331-5915 5th grade • Room 15
Sona Lee (760) 331-5908 1st grade • Room 8
Ann Lovick (760) 331-5928 3rd grade • Room 28
Myles Mayfield (760) 331-5917 5th grade • Room 17
Janet Nielsen (760) 331-5909 2nd grade • Room 9
Gabie Norton (760) 331-5926 3rd grade • Room 26
Ms. Schofield (760) 331-5906 1st grade • Room 6
Debbie Smith (760) 331-5932 4th grade • Room 32
Sharon St Clair (760) 331-5907 1st grade • Room 7
Monica Villarreal (760) 331-5922 1st grade • Room 22
Tyler Wiesler (760) 331-5929 3rd grade • Room 29
• Syndi Lyon • Darcy Brown (760) 331-5912 2nd grade • Room 12
Administrative Staff
Camellia England (760) 331-5995 Admin Assistant
Kyle Gelbart (760) 331-5994 Office Assistant/Attendance
Ami Padilla (760) 331-5990 Health Technician
Support Staff
Education Specialists
Jamie Amit (760) 331-5901 Teacher • Room 1
Jennifer Bannock Teacher • Room 4
Juanita Bass (760) 331-5913 Education Specialist • Room 13
Sara Christian (760) 331-5955 Speech & Language Therapist
Christina Harway (760) 331-5977 Education Specialist
Rachel Jaycna (760) 331-5904 Teacher • Room 2
Teacher Email List by Grade Level


Kindergarten                      Email Address

Denise Connelly        

Dawn Ebbs                 

Wendy Eidle               

Caitlin Flores              


First Grade

Madison Hays            

Sona Lee                     

Bobbi Schofield         

Sharon St. Clair          

Monica Villarreal       


Second Grade

Taylor Berg                 

Sheli Koopsen            

Syndi Lyon/                 

Darcy Brown               

Korrin Marcum           

Janet Nielsen               


Third Grade

Lindsey Gordon           

Angelie Harnish           

Ann Lovick                    

Gabie Norton               

Tyler Wiesler                


Fourth Grade

Heather Goetz             

Kris Hejny/                    

Kelly Szabo                   

Nicole Kistler                

Debbie Smith               


Fifth Grade

Cherie Lawrence          

Myles Mayfield             

Christine Wolfson/       

Kelly Szabo                    


Special Day

Jaimie Amit                   

Jennifer Bannock         

Rachel Jacyna