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Janet Nielsen


Field Trips

Here are a few of the field trips coming up for the year of 2014 -15:


January - USS Midway - Date to be announced.  Drivers needed.


February 18 - San Diego Symphony   Departure by bus at 9:45, returning at 1:15.  Lunch and snack needed.


All drivers must have their current insurance policy on file and turned in to me.  Please verify with the office personal to see if the coverage is adequate. 



Janet Nielsen

I have been at Hope Elementary for eighteen years teaching second grade, and have twenty-four years total experience in education.  Each year, it is my goal to have every child reach his or her full learning potential in a safe, respectful environment.  I provide a structured, well balanced experience where all children are encouraged to do their best which benefits the whole class, as well as the individual.  I present varied learning situations where students of all levels can come away with a positive experience which builds on their knowledge base and prepares them for future grades.  I value and encourage integrity, hard work, individuality, and respectful behavior.  It is my professional goal to provide as many different educational experiences in the classroom as possible to insure that my students are successful learners and productive citizens.

Each child will receive a challenging, balanced, standards based education in a positive atmosphere. Second grade is a transitional year where a child's reading growth develops from phonetic decoding to fluent reader, focusing on comprehension.  To insure reading success, students are placed in leveled groups, reading high interest books with rich vocabulary.  In addition, a whole class literature language arts experience is provided with an emphasis on writing and spelling.  Daily math skills are reinforced with games and activities. Afternoon rotations with the other second grade teachers provides instruction in social studies, writing, and science.  We currently have two kinds of pets in the classroom, a tarantula and two snakes.  All students are a respected and valued part of our school family and I feel honored to be a part of their lives for nine months. We end our day with a choice of one of the three H's: a hand shake, a high five, or a hug.



Students should read for 15 nightly.  This may be a combination of reading out loud or silently.  Homework folders are sent home on Fridays and returned on the Friday of the following week.  Spelling activities are done nightly, choosing from a menu of activities.  Practice spelling tests should be given by an adult on Thursday night before the Friday test.  We study the same spelling words for two weeks.  On week two of the spelling words, we have Spelling Sentence Dictation.  For homework in week two, students copy the spelling sentences on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, an adult dictates the sentences to the student and they rewrite any sentence where a mistake was made.  Writing assignments are given on the Week two homework rotation also.  A nightly math page is done for a total of four pages (front and back) in each week.  Students keep their math workbooks at home, removing the assigned pages and returning them in their homework folder on Friday.  

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