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William Bjorstad (760) 331-5929 3rd grade • Room 29

Mr. Bjorstad

I will miss all of the students in room 29. Thank you for a great semester! to all of the students and parents, thank you for all of the cards and gifts. It was very thoughtful and much appreciated! Work hard, do your best! See you when I come visit. Mr. Bjorstad
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Congratulations to the students in room 29! 80% of the class has scored 80% or higher on their math facts quizzes so far this year. Keep up the great work!

In february, students are to study, review, and memorize all addition facts, subtraction facts, 2's,3's,4's,5's, 6's,7's,8's, and 9's multiplication facts if they have not yet scored 90% or higher.

The class is beginning Chapter 7 in GoMath. Log onto CLEVER from home to access GoMath.

Students should always have their library books in their backpacks. This way they have them at home to read and at school to read.

Parents, students should go to clever and log onto Achieve 3000 and complete at least one lesson from home each week. Students are to read the article, do the activity, answer the thought question, and do the math. From the school loop home page go to "quick links" on the left, then click on achieve 3000. The students' Login name and password are the same as last year. thank you

Nightly homework should include working on dance mat typing. you can click on the link to the right.

Nightly Homework

Reading-Students will read for at least 15 minutes at home Monday through Friday.

Math-Students will work to memorize their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts for at least 15 minutes at home Monday through Friday.  If a student is behind on any of their facts they should study on the weekend as well.

Spelling-A list of words goes home every Monday.  Those words should be studied each day and a quiz should be given on Thursday at home.

Parents, thank you for helping your student become more successful!

Mr. Bjorstad


Dance Mat Typing

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