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Just Ask!

Do you have a question about Hope Elementary that you would like answered, but don’t know who to ask?

“Just Ask” is a feature on our web site to help you find the answer. The goal of Hope Elementary is to provide you with information you are seeking in regards to our school. Communication is important and hopefully this service will help clarify information for our community and also stem rumors and gossip.

If you are curious about various issues please send an email and our administrative assistant, Mrs. Norman,  will be happy to track down the answer for you. Mrs Norman:

Many community members might be asking the same questions, so we will post these answers on the web site for everyone to review.

You have questions? We have answers!

What should I teach my child about safety in our community?  

If we move to an area outside of the Carlsbad Unified School District boundary, can my student continue to attend Hope? District policy no longer provides for interdistrict transfers.  You will need to enroll your student in his/her school of residence.  Families must maintain residency requirements to attend Carlsbad schools.  If you currently attend Hope, but move within the Carlsbad Unified School District, an intradistrict transfer request can be completed to remain a Hope Hawk.  You can see how your address fits in our CUSD boundary by visiting the district website.

Do you teach GATE classes?  Each teacher is trained to differentiate their instruction based on the needs of the students.  Our classes are heterogeneously grouped to balance the learning levels among each class.  To learn more about specific GATE activities for your student, feel free to talk with your student's teacher.

I've always wondered - what or who is Hope named for?  We are named in recognition of the first school in Carlsbad called "Hope District," which started in 1872 in a small room, with one door, two small windows, and a dirt floor.  Three families (Kelly, Feeler, and Adams) sent their children to the school (25 students among the families). Hope School closed in the 1890's and a new two-story wooden schoolhouse was built on Pine Avenue in 1894, which employed, the first teacher there, Hattie Reece of Oceanside, who worked until 1927.  In 1924, the old wooden Carlsbad School was demolished and new school was built in just three months for students in grades kindergarten through eighth.  In 1958, Carlsbad High School opened the doors for the first time, permitting students in grades nine through twelve to stay in town for their education.

What can we do to prevent head lice?  Head lice can be quite common at elementary school campuses.  Head lice and nits must be treated properly for complete removal before students can be readmitted to school.  We also encourage students to avoid hair to hair contact (most common when students with long hair hug each other) and avoid sharing items that come in contact with one's hair.  Click here for more details.