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Cool Learning Games

Math Games

Math Skill Games

Click here to play cool games that help reinforce basic math skills.  There are new Multi-Player Games that enable students to play each other from different computers. Grab some friends and play!

Math Is Fun website is another great place to practice and reinforce your math skills.

Math Magician

Click here to access a great website to practice multiplication and division facts.  The website is sponsored by

Whole Numbers

Click here to access online activities for Whole Numbers from Skillwise.

OCSD Interactive Games

Check out this website which hosts simple, easy games that cover a kinds of math topics. Click Here


Kindergarten and Preschool

Visit this website for preschool and Kindergarten level activities. Click Here


Find the appropriate reading level book for your student by visiting the California Reading List website below:

Click Here

Click here to access online activities related to English/grammar.

English-Zone.Com is a privately owned personal website that began as a site for students and teachers of English, but rapidly expanded to include native speakers of English brushing up on their English grammar skills, and children looking for a safe and educational site to visit.

English-Zone.Com is a fun site for STUDENTS who are learning English as a Second Language, or studying English in general. Here, you can learn some idioms, practice with English verbs, test your grammar, check out the fun stuff page, write a silly story, or visit links to other English sites!

Language Arts

Click here to access online activities and powerpoint presentations for language arts concepts.


Click here to access the Skillswise online learning activities.


Online Typing Course

You've got to try this typing game! Click here.


Math Facts Worksheets

Click here.