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Spring Carnival

*The carnival will take place in the courtyard on May 2nd from 1:30-4:00
*Admission is $10 and includes a Metro Card and wristband
*ALL children participating must have a Metro Card and wristband-babies and adults are free but will not be allowed to play games, etc. unless they purchase a Metro Card. (we’ll have additional for sale at the event)
*Metro Card includes popcorn and a Broadway show, tattoo from the tattoo parlor, trips around the Rockefeller Center Cake Walk, one trinket from the toy store, unlimited games and a few other surprises that will be revealed the day of
*We will also be selling snacks, candy and souvenirs via tickets that will be purchased the day of (similar to the past carnivals) 
*One of the stations within the carnival is the Central Park Zoo! “Create-your-own” plush animals will be made here. They are being pre-sold with ticket sales for $25 each. We will have a master list at the zoo entrance and those who have pre-paid will be allowed in to put together their animal. 
*Any plush animals remaining will be sold the day of at the ticket sale table.
*Metro cards and wristbands will be delivered the day of to the specified teacher-parents should write their child’s name on the back of each Metro Card in Sharpie(we’ll have them available at check in table at main gate).