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This event and page is not sponsored nor endorsed by the Carlsbad Unified School District. This webpage is provided as a community service in accordance with Education Code.

Parents' Night Out

Date of event is Saturday, April 13th @ 7 PM
Disney Raffle Tickets $5 each • Limited to only 200 people!


Thank you to our community partners who have contributed to this event.  There are over 200 people and companies that have generously donated goods and services for our auction.  


Be sure to thank them for supporting Hope every time you visit their store.


Thank you parents for supporting our school with your donations and auction items.


Thank you to our coordinators and their families: Kat Morrow and her team of volunteers (Christina McGoldrick, Sonia Rousseau, Dawn Mussolino, Stacey Brus, Nhi Tran Jacki Labovitch Diana Nieman and Jennifer Rauch)