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Please help keep our students safe...remember to close the front gate if you leave the playground once students have already started class.  Thank you.

If you can help during recess times, we would love to have some parents stand at the front kindergarten gate to monitor the flow of traffic.  Thanks.

We appreciate your support!

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Please sign up for a 20 minute session so that our staff can assess your kindergarten student, which allows us to better balance our classes.  There are eight slots available every 20 minutes. Please enter your student's first name in the comment section.

Once assessments are complete on August 21st, our staff will create the class lists and be able to announce your student's teacher a few days before school starts.  If you are not able to attend a session, your student will still be placed in a class. 

Sign up at the following link:

Early Bird and Late Owl determinations will be communicated the last week of June.


welcome to kindergarten

Kindergarten Teacher Directory

Contact Denise Connelly  Denise Connelly (760) 331-5910 Kindergarten • Room K-1
Contact Dawn Ebbs  Dawn Ebbs (760) 331-5920 Kindergarten • Room 20
Contact Wendy Eidle  Wendy Eidle (760) 331-5921 Kindergarten • Room 21
Contact Caitlin Flores  Caitlin Flores (760) 331-5952 Kindergarten • Room K2



Kindergarten Meet & Greet

March 14th 2019 2:15 pm

(meet the teachers and see the campus)

Kindergarten Registration Forms & Instructions

To enroll for kindergarten, a child must be five years old on or before September 1st and parents MUST present: 

an original birth certificate and proof of immunizations. (In addition to the DPT and Polio vaccines, State of California immunization requirements for students entering school include two doses of the MMR vaccine, three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine, and either the varicella (chicken-pox) vaccine or proof of illness (verified by healthcare provider) and 2 proofs of residency (SDG&E Bill and Water Bill)

We will be hosting a 20 minute assessment August 21st at our school to help us assign classrooms.  Check back on this website as the link will be posted after April 8th for you to sign up for a time slot.  If you are not able to attend this date, don't worry as your student will still be placed in a classroom.

Late Owl Arrival

Share the Wonder, by Jean Feldman

Surround children in beauty.
Embrace them with love each day.
Share their wonder of discovery.
Share their joy as they play.
Help children be successful.
Make them feel special, too.
With choices and hands-on learning, They'll grow and learn as they do!
Give children peace and happy memories.
Create warm and inviting rooms.
Cherish all of the children
And they will surely bloom!