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1st Grade Team
1st Grade Team


Tech Programs

All tech programs can be accessed via Clever.  Visit the Tech Cheat Sheet webpage for more information about logging in and the progams to use with your child.

First Grade

First grade logo
Caitlin Knight Teacher
Sona Lee (760) 331-5908 1st grade • Room 8
Skyler Schamp Teacher
Sharon St Clair (760) 331-5928 1st grade • Room 28
Monica Villarreal (760) 331-5922 1st grade • Room 5

For the Staff Directory, please click here.

Understanding Report Card Grades

Report cards are issued twice a year - this year, they will be sent home with your student at the end of each semester.  The Four Point Scale is used in Grades K-5, so you may be familiar with these standards from Kindergarten. To learn more, please follow this link.


Access spelling packets here.